Skin Revitalizing Blend

Haridradya Taila
Size : 30 ML
Multipurpose corrective face oil for:
– Blemishes & pigmentation 
– Scars & damaged skin
– Acne and pimples
The Haridradya Taila is a natural, time-proven Ayurvedic formula having multipurpose skin perfection action. Crafted from an exclusive blend of organic herbs, this transformative and rejuvenating ultra-light, fast-absorbing formula improves circulation, revitalizes, hydrates nourishes and moisturizes skin by balancing the doshas.


Sesame Oil
Enriched with omega fatty acids, Sesame oil was the preferred oil of the ancients for boosting skin’s moisture and reducing fine lines & wrinkles.
Yellow Vine
The root and stem of the yellow vine is used to heal scars and treat damaged skin for its antiinflammatory properties.
Indian Madder
The red madder typical to the Indian mountainous terrain is recorded in ancient Sanskrit texts as a cure for promoting glowing skin and reducing the appearance of freckles and discolouration.
Lotus, a traditional symbol of divine beauty and elegance, acts as a toner by purifying dull and tired skin.
This popular spice has been historically valued in the Vedic culture for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
Indian Barberry
Rich in vitamin C, this plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant nature, especially in treating skin diseases.
Traditional Ayurveda medicines used liquorice to harness their skin brightening and rejuvenating properties.
One of the most sacred trees of the Hindus, the banyan is known to heal scars and act as a skin tonic.
Malabar Ebony
This evergreen tree heals and diminishes scars and treats skin ailments.
Saffron, by weight, is costlier than gold. This was the most popular herb used by ancient royalty for maintaining flawless, supple skin.
Java Fig
Classically used in Ayurveda to treat skin ailments for its antiseptic benefits.
Brazil Wood
Historically used in tradition medicine for being emmenagogue, haemostatic, and antiinflammatory, the brazil wood controls acne and aging.

Our Promise

Certified Organic
All our ingredients are locally cultivated in meticulously tended organic farms. Certified by USDA.
100% Pure
No trace of preservatives, mineral oils, artificial colors, fragrances, sulfates, parabens and GMOs.
Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic (HRIPT) and never tested on animals, our products adhere to the highest ethical and sustainable practices.
Authentic Ayurveda
Following ancient Ayurvedic rituals, we harvest plants at their maximum potency and prepare them using unaltered recipes.
Expertly Handcrafted
Our complex oil blends are prepared in small batches by trained and experienced staff until they are perfected.
Consciously Vegan
Derived from nature, our products are completely plant-based and do not contain any non-vegan ingredients.