Therapeutic Beauty Oils

Our 100% organic products are made with sesame oil that quickly penetrates into the skin and is easily absorbed, working as a powerful anti-oxidant. While blended from the ancient sciences, our products are scientifically validated to create an authentic panacea for beauty and wellness.

Beauty Therapy - Face Serums

Heal your skin from within with the help of nature’s most potent ingredients.

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Beauty Therapy - Hair Oils

Nourish your hair with pure oils extracted according to traditional medicinal recipes.

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Beauty Therapy - Body Oils

Protect your skin from environmental damage with deeply penetrating body oils.

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Beauty Therapy - Bust Oils

Enhance and firm your breasts with natural oils derived from the classical texts.

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Our Promise

Certified Organic
All our ingredients are locally cultivated in meticulously tended organic farms. Certified by USDA.
100% Pure
No trace of preservatives, mineral oils, artificial colors, fragrances, sulfates, parabens and GMOs.
Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic (HRIPT) and never tested on animals, our products adhere to the highest ethical and sustainable practices.
Authentic Ayurveda
Following ancient Ayurvedic rituals, we harvest plants at their maximum potency and prepare them using unaltered recipes.
Expertly Handcrafted
Our complex oil blends are prepared in small batches by trained and experienced staff until they are perfected.
Consciously Vegan
Derived from nature, our products are completely plant-based and do not contain any non-vegan ingredients.