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Kasisadya oil

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Ideal for adolescents, classical Ayurveda lays down this unique recipe to stimulate optimum growth in still-developing breasts. A 100% natural and organic formulation, the actives in this formula strengthen and nourish the breasts to make them look firmer, fuller, tighter and uplifted. It increases the breast size and contours it. Regular application will prevent age-related issues, like sagging and loose skin in the future. The perfect beauty therapy for body-conscious young women.
Key Ingredients
What's inside really matters
All our ingredients are certified organic
Sesame (Tila)
Enriched with omega fatty acids, sesame oil is highly recommended in the ancient classics for its moisturizing properties. A major source of Vitamin K, sesame oil penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and leave it soft and supple.
Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha)
A potent antioxidant highly valued in Ayurveda, winter cherry firms and tones the skin to keep it vibrant and youthful. It also increases collagen production keeping the skin healthy on a molecular level.
Rub a few drops on your palm and massage your breasts in circular motion, outward to inward. Do this for upto 15 mins until the oil is fully absorbed. Rinse before breastfeeding. Avoid the nipple area.
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